Queue the music for Record Store Day in Letchworth

Andy Oaten owner of the record shop

Andy Oaten owner of the record shop - Credit: Archant

The latest computer game or Apple gizmo? No, these punters were patiently waiting for the chance to splash out on good old-fashioned vinyl records.

People queued into the night outside the bookshop

People queued into the night outside the bookshop - Credit: Archant

They queued for hours outside David’s Music in Letchworth town centre on Friday night, with diehards setting up camp 7pm to make sure they were first in line for limited edition vinyl and new releases on offer during Record Store Day.

Manager Andy Oaten said: “It was an immense event, our best one yet. 150 people were queuing before I arrived at 6.30am on Saturday.

“It took 41/2 hours to serve the queue. We really couldn’t survive as a shop without Record Store Day.

“We were still busy on Monday selling bits and bobs left over from the weekend.”

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Vinyl is booming despite the digital age, says Andy.

“It’s hard to keep up with demand. Sometimes records are sold out before they can make another batch. It just gets bigger and bigger every year, I don’t know when it is going to peak.

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“With vinyl, it’s more of a piece of art work than downloading something online. There’s a bit more soul to vinyl than YouTube.”

But it’s important to remember that the artists need to be funded to make music, he said.

“We are lucky because we have quite a lot of loyal customers, but records are not just sold on Record Store Day, it’s important to support local independent stores.”

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