Q&A: Meet Black Voice Letchworth's Micaelia Clarke

Leader of Black Voice Letchworth Micaelia Clark

Leader of Black Voice Letchworth Micaelia Clark - Credit: Supplied

Micaelia Clarke is the leader of Black Voice Letchworth - a group which supports people of Black African and Caribbean heritage. 

As part of our series of Q&As with local figures, we asked Micaelia what she loves about living in Letchworth.

How would you best describe your job or role in the community?

Leading and maintaining a permanent space with other like minded individuals locally and beyond, that supports those of Black African and Caribbean heritage and those raising children of Black African and Caribbean heritage within the community and empowering others to do the same.

How long have you lived in Letchworth?

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Approximately 10 years +.

What is your favourite landmark in the area?

The fountain in Broadway Gardens, Letchworth

Micaelia named the fountain in Broadway Gardens, Letchworth as one of her favourite places - Credit: Archant

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I have to say it's between the Splash Park and The Broadway Fountain. If you visit these areas at the right time of day there is a rare peace to these spots that I truly value. If I had to choose though it would be the Splash Park, this is a perfect spot for a family day out or for an early morning meditation. 

What local shops do you most like to visit?

I try to shop healthily, locally, ethically, environmentally and as economically friendly as I can so my top shops tend to be pre-loved. The Garden House Hospice, The Salvation Army and Mind are the best for clothing and books. The Best Before Café, for food shop and snacks.

What is your favourite place to go out to eat?

Vutie Beets in Letchworth has received a huge amount of support from the community as it offers free

Vutie Beets in Letchworth - Credit: Archant

It would have to be The Grapevine for special occasions, Rocks Fryer for some cheeky chips and Cultivo Lounge for the best brunches and lunches. That said Vutie Beets and Miss Green Fingers got me through lockdown. The Cake Lady in the Wynd does the best cakes! 

What is your favourite pub? 

Not really a pub girl however if I had to choose it would be Khoi Khoi.

Khoi Khoi Bar and Vino, on Eastcheap. Picture: Google

Khoi Khoi bar in Letchworth - Credit: Archant

What do you think makes Letchworth unique?

The general appreciation for good food, wine and art. 

What places in Letchworth would you most recommend to visitors?

Splash park, go karting and laser tag, Norton Common, open air swimming pool, Standalone farm, Broadway Cinema.

The original bandstand on Norton Common was built in the 1930s. Picture: Google

Norton Common is one of Micaelia's most recommended places in Letchworth - Credit: Archant

Who is your local hero?

My local hero is Pastor Remi Williams of Fragrance of Life Connections in Letchworth. Pastor Remi along with her husband and family have been doing a lot to support the local community without searching for a thank you. I wish more people knew about them.

I am so grateful for the work they do with their fantastic summer school that runs every year and her work to support women and young minds' futures. 

What would you do if you were mayor for the day? 

I would ensure that spaces that advertise an ALL welcome are just that, and include support for issues put forward related to the lived experience.

What impact do you think COVID-19 has had on Letchworth and its businesses or events?

The pandemic has closed some much-loved spots in Letchworth. However, it has  given opportunity for some new ones. Change is not always comfortable, at times it can allow for growth when needed. 

What do you love most about Letchworth?

The fact that you can walk to almost anywhere if you need to. It keeps you fit and healthy and much better for the environment. 

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