Q&A: Meet TRACKS Autism chairman Mervyn Terrett

TRACKS Autism chairman Mervyn Terrett

TRACKS Autism chairman Mervyn Terrett spoke to the Comet about what he loves most about Stevenage - Credit: Supplied

As chairman of TRACKS Autism early years centre in Stevenage, Mervyn Terrett helps children aged two to six with communication, social interaction, play and sensory difficulties.

As part of our new series of Q+As with local figures, we spoke to Mervyn about all things Stevenage.

How would you best describe your job or role in the community?
I am Managing Director of A-Top Properties, the longest established letting agency in Comet area with its original owner. 

A-Top Properties on Drapers Way in Stevenage.

A-Top Properties on Drapers Way in Stevenage. - Credit: Daniel Wilson

I am also chairman of TRACKS Autism (pre-school), trustee of Betty Game Opportunities Trust, and Communion Celebrant at St Lawrence in Ardeley.

How long have you lived in Stevenage?
Forty-seven years next month.

What is your favourite landmark in the area?
'Only Connect', the memorial sculpture for Forster Country at the edge of St Nicholas Churchyard.

Forster Country sculpture in St Nicholas’ churchyard, Stevenage.

The Forster Country sculpture in St Nicholas Churchyard - Credit: Hertfordshire Archives and Local

What local shops do you most like to visit?
Deamer and Sons in Stevenage Old Town, an amazing shop with knowledgeable staff, and until two years ago I would have said Waitrose (disaster closure).

J Deamer & Son

Mervyn named Deamer and Sons as one of his favourite shops - Credit: Archant

What is your favourite place to go out to eat?
The Mohan Tandoori, finest Indian food for English palettes or, for a special occasion, The Fox at Willian.

The Fox at Willian

The Fox at Willian - Credit: Archant

What is your favourite pub?
The Wagon and Horses in Graveley, which has been run for a long time by a really experienced landlady as a proper pub.

What do you think makes Stevenage unique?
Although a sizeable town, it still has a certain village community feel, especially in people’s support for charities like TRACKS Autism.

What places in Stevenage would you most recommend to visitors?
Fairlands Valley Park, which is outstanding, the cinema and our interesting museum.

Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage. Picture: Brendan Falvey

Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage. Picture: Brendan Falvey - Credit: Brendan Falvey

Who is your local hero?
My wife, who’s put up with me for 54 years...so far, or if you want an unsung hero, try Tracey Frost, Mayor’s PA, who has a different boss every year.

What would you do if you were mayor for a day?
Completely do away with all car park charges to stimulate our economy and encourage better shops.

What impact do you think COVID-19 has had on Stevenage?
There's cleaner air with no planes and less traffic, but it’s really nice to see people socialising again, especially outdoors, while the weather lasts!

And finally, what do you love most about Stevenage?
Being close to our fantastic family and sharing in the little ones growing up in a town that has such great amenities.

Cineworld Stevenage is 25 years old.

Mervyn counted Stevenage Cineworld as one of his favourite places in the town - Credit: Cineworld

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Stevenage Museum on St George's Way is currently closed but you can now take a virtual tour of the m

Mervyn named Stevenage Museum as one of his favourite places - Credit: Google Street View

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