Psychics make their mark at Stevenage market

ALONG with fresh fruit and veg, you can now pick up some spiritual healing and psychic art at St George’s Indoor Market in Stevenage.

Calling themselves the Spirit of the Trinity, Sue Clarke, Dominique Sibley and Sue Joyce work with all things psychic and spooky.

Yesterday (Wednesday), they opened a stall at the indoor market on St George’s Way, offering readings, psychic art, crystal and spiritual healing and palmistry.

“It’s where we’ve been guided to be,” explained Sue Clarke, who is also known as Little Sue. “We all had the same dream.”

The three women met in 2007 when they joined the same spiritual circle.

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Little Sue calls herself a psychic artist and explained: “In June 2007 I joined a spiritual circle to improve and understand what I have been experiencing since childhood.

“After a few months I had an overwhelming compulsion to paint. As I had no training whatsoever, I ended up in a mess but managed to produce a dove using feathers and anything else I could lay my hands on to paint with.

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“Since this first painting, and with the assistance of spirit teachers, masters and guides, I have produced drawings and paintings of people who have passed over to the spirit world.”

Little Sue says her main spirit art teacher is 14th century Flemish Baroque painter Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

She says she will sit with someone, enter a trance-like state and use various art mediums, including teabags, soap and sand to depict a relative or friend who has passed through to the spirit world.

“As bizarre as this may sound, I have been amazing my family and friends with this unique gift and would now like to share this with others,” she said. “I’m so humbled by it.”

Dominique, a healer and medium, says she first qualified as a crystal healer in 2007.

“I have sat in a psychic circle since October 2007, where I am able to enhance my natural abilities which I have experienced since childhood – automatic writing, channelling, aura work and psychometry, whilst also developing areas I had never used, such as card reading.”

Big Sue says she has always been intuitive and aware of spirits, but a near-death experience after an accident gave her “an awakening” and her “gifts just seemed to get stronger and make more sense”.

She began giving tarot readings to her family and friends and said she was surprised by the accuracy of them.

She joined a psychic circle in 2007, where she said she developed her natural gifts of palmistry and reading tarot and crystal balls, as well as developing other areas such as healing.

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