Protester puts road rage in writing on Letchworth road

A protester frustrated with the state of repair has sprayed the words Road Tax? on Bedford road befo

A protester frustrated with the state of repair has sprayed the words Road Tax? on Bedford road before the junction with Willbury Hills Road - Credit: Archant

MOTORISTS driving on a major road have been focussing on a message sprayed on to the tarmac.

A protester has sprayed the words ‘ROAD TAX?’ on the road at the top end of Bedford Road at the junction with Wilbury Hills Road in Letchworth GC.

Jim Warner, who lives in Hitchin and uses the road regularly, said: “Someone has rightly got so frustrated with the poor state and poor attempt of repairing the road surface at this junction that they have sprayed in bright yellow ‘ROAD TAX?’ I support the person responsible wholeheartedly.”

Another motorist, Jack Legate, who lives in Arlesey and uses the road to get to work in Stevenage, said: “That road has been like that for at least six months, if not a year. You have about 30 potholes in one area and you have to de driving at a really low speed to avoid getting a puncture.”

It is believed the graffiti was done over the weekend.

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Matthew Kelley, divisional manager of Ringway, the highways contractor working on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, said: “This road has been identified for future works by Hertfordshire County Council.

“In the meantime, Ringway is working hard to keep the road safe by carrying out temporary repairs until such a time as the permanent repairs are carried out.

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“Due to the poor state of the road, the temporary repairs are not going to improve the look of the road, but it is not cost effective to permanently fix a small part of a road which has been identified for larger, future works.”

A spokesman for Herts County Council said: “This area is close to the site entrance of the Hitchin curve railway project, and we are not undertaking major planned works in the area to help reduce disruption.

“We are aware of the condition of the road and will undertake the works once we are able to do so.”

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