Protection for Hertfordshire rivers

A view of the River Mimram

A view of the River Mimram - Credit: Archant

THE health of two of Hertfordshire’s much-loved rivers are set to be improved after a plan was launched.

The River Beane, which runs through Walkern, and the River Mimram which flows from Whitwell are being helped thanks to the Catchment Management Plan aimed at protecting the two chalk streams.

The plan is entirely online and has four main aims: to increase flows, to improve the rivers for wildlife through better water quality and habitats, to encourage people to get involved with the rivers and to increase protection for the rivers.

There is an interactive map showing details of various projects in and around the river.

Charlie Bell from the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust said: “There are fewer than 200 chalks streams in the world, so here in Hertfordshire we have a duty to protect and restore these rare habitats and the fantastic wildlife they support, such as water voles, trout and kingfishers.

“It’s vital that these rivers are recognised as the rare and special places that they are.”

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