Problem tenant told to behave

A noisy man causing problems in his community has been ordered to behave.

The nuisance tenant accused of making life hell for his neighbours has been issued with an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI) by Stevenage Homes.

It was granted by Luton County Court on Thursday against Ryan Long, of Wisden Road, Stevenage after a catalogue of drunk, rowdy and anti-social behaviour.

The injunction forbids him from making excessive noise through music equipment, shouting, swearing banging and slamming of doors.

The order prevents him from causing noise in and around Wisden Road. It has the power of arrest if he breaches any of the terms.

Councillor Anne Webb said: “We want to send out a very clear message that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and we will take very strong action in instances where anti-social behaviour blights the lives of others.“

Debbie Rab�t, director of housing and customer service for Stevenage Homes, added: “Whilst anti-social behaviour remains low in Stevenage, when a problem does arise, and we have the support of neighbours in providing evidence, we work closely with the police and residents to ensure that it is dealt with quickly.”

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Tenants who wish to report anti-social behaviour can contact their tenancy advisor or the anti-social behaviour team on 01438 242666 or visit the website