‘Potential illegal rave’ near Stevenage turns out not to be illegal

Police issued a public warning about the 'potential illegal rave' at about 9.30pm last night.

Police issued a public warning about the 'potential illegal rave' at about 9.30pm last night. - Credit: Archant

Police last night gave “words of advice” to the organisers of a rave near Stevenage, after officers who suspected it was illegal issued a public warning about it.

Police today told the Comet they had spoken to the event organisers about how it was advertised after their investigation found the rave was a private event on private land, and had the landowner’s consent.

The location was near Rush Green – on the B656 between Hitchin and Codicote, and west of Stevenage.

The Herts police statement posted at about 9.30pm last night attracted a large following on social media.

It said officers had “intelligence to suggest that an illegal rave is due to take place at a location in the north of the county this evening” – adding that a large number of people were expected to arrive by rail at either Stevenage or Hitchin, and that “resources are in place if this occurs”.

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Insp James Lant was quoted as saying: “Officers will not hesitate to use their powers under Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to give those attending the rave orders to leave, as well as seizing any sound equipment where necessary.

“We will crack down hard on any individuals or groups that exhibit anti-social behaviour and cause a noise nuisance within our community.”

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Many commenting on social media mocked the warning or said the force should concentrate on other crime like burglaries – but others emphasised the damage illegal raves can do, and said police had to be prepared for such events.

Speaking to the Comet today, a force spokesman said: “Extensive enquiries were made in order to establish where the event was to take place and who the organisers were.

“These enquiries revealed this was a private event held on private land, near Rush Green on the B656, with the consent of the landowner.

“Words of advice were given to the event organisers about how it had been advertised.”

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