Pond overflows and floods village road

HEAVY rain has caused a pond to overflow and flood the main route through a village.

Drivers travelling through Willian on Monday encountered several inches of water on the road after Willian Pond overflowed. Water has spilled out from the pond, situated just off Willian Road, following a period of heavy rainfall.

David Vacek, who works at The Fox pub opposite the pond and lives in the village, said it had been flooded for two days following a similar situation two weeks ago.

He said: “When the rain is falling for more than one day the road is always like that. The water is on the road and there is water on the green as well. Cars can drive through it though.”

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Highways said: “On Monday, Hertfordshire had a month of rainfall in just 12 hours, which led to flash flooding and raised water levels in rivers.

“Willian Road has flooded because the drains run directly to fill Willian Pond. This drainage system copes with normal to heavy rainfall, but unfortunately the prolonged heavy rain we have experienced has caused the pond to overflow. The road will remain flooded until the water level subsides.”