POLL: Anger over Olympic ticket sales

PEOPLE across Comet country have been frantically checking their bank accounts over the last week to find out if they’ve struck gold, silver or even bronze.

Around 90 per cent of UK ballot tickets for Olympic London 2012 have now been allocated with the rest expected to be completed by tomorrow (Friday).

One man in Hertfordshire has bagged tickets totalling �11,000 pounds but out of an estimated 1.8 million people across the UK who made 20 million applications for some 6.6 million tickets, 55 per cent are thought to have missed out completely.

Those who have been allocated tickets will find out what events they are for by June 24, with a second ballot for hundreds of thousands of extra Olympics tickets scheduled for later this year or early next year. One Stevenage resident, who has been involved in the building of the Aquatics Centre and applied for tickets totalling �1300 pounds, said: "As a family we applied for seven different events but didn’t get any. I'm really disappointed as I may not be able to go and watch something that I have helped create. James Moy applied for �700 pounds worth of tickets and has been debited �100 pounds.

The Hitchin resident said: "Initially we were disappointed but then our friends were coming back to us saying we should count ourselves lucky that we got some. It does annoy me that thousands of tickets have been reserved for dignitaries and people like that who are funded by the taxpayer when many who have contributed didn’t get a look in."

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