Police warn Bedfordshire residents of telephone scam


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Police are warning residents to beware of a new telephone scam.

Bedfordshire Police are warning residents, particularly in the Muslim community, to beware of a telephone scam in which a man phones individuals announcing they are recipients of cash donations worth up to £50,000.

The scam involves a telephone call from a man speaking English with a Middle Eastern accent claiming to be from the United Arab Emirates.

In the conversation he quotes the name and address of the victim and claims that as a fellow Muslim they will receive a £50,000 gift from a Sheik.

The caller identifies himself as a Muslim before transferring the call to another person who arranges for the victim to open a new bank account into which they are asked to deposit £350.

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During this process another two ‘managers’ are involved with the call and a unique reference number is given out. The last number is withheld until the new bank details are given before victims are told that the money is due to ‘arrive within the next hour’.

PC James Marshall said: “Clearly anyone could be targeted by this scam but it seems the Muslim community are particularly at risk. The people behind the scam are very persuasive but we have had a report from one potential victim who challenged the caller before saying he did not want to get involved, only to be told he ‘would be one of the ones that got away’. Our advice no matter what the scam is to never pass on bank details over the phone, especially to an unsolicited caller.”

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Anyone with concerns about the scam or is approached by a similar caller should contact Bedfordshire Police on 101.

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