Police release call murder suspect Ian Stewart made to police to report Royston author Helen Bailey missing

Ian Stewart denies murdering his partner Helen Bailey.

Ian Stewart denies murdering his partner Helen Bailey. - Credit: Archant

Police have released the recording of the call murder suspect Ian Stewart made to police to report his partner Helen Bailey missing – four days after he is alleged to have killed her at their Royston home.

The call Mr Stewart made to police at 3.47pm on April 15 was played in full at St Albans Crown Court on Tuesday, in which the 56-year-old was heard telling the call handler he had ‘literally checked everywhere’ for the author.

When recalling Ms Bailey’s whereabouts, Mr Stewart said that the 51-year-old left a note saying she ‘needed space and time alone’ and that she had gone to Broadstairs in Kent, and wished to not be contacted.

“She talked about wanting space, because things haven’t gone well for her lately, for us,” he said.

The police asked if there were any concerns about her behaviour and the jury heard Mr Stewart say in the call: “She has been very anxious, and very worried about lots of things. She’s a worrier, a natural worrier.”

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The court heard the call handler ask if Helen was definitely not at home.

Mr Stewart replied: “I’ve literally checked everywhere. We have quite a large house, I’ve literally checked everywhere.”

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The call handler asked if Ms Bailey had ever attempted suicide or self harm, to which Mr Stewart replied “No, no, no everyone’s sure she hasn’t, no.”

He was asked if she is ever likely to have been a victim of any sort of abuse, to which Mr Stewart said: “No, I know she’s a very strong person. It would be very hard to abuse Helen, she’d come back at you very strongly.”

The handler also asked if she is likely to be involved or subjected to crime, and Mr Stewart said: “Did you say, I’m sorry I heard the word crime but…”

When the handler repeated the question, Mr Stewart said: “No.”

The trial continues.

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