‘Police patrols do little to deter burglars’ says Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner

PCC Olly Martins

PCC Olly Martins - Credit: Archant

Victims of crime have reacted angrily to a police commissioner’s claim that patrols do little to deter burglars.

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins spoke at an Arlesey Town Council meeting on Tuesday where he said rehabilitation was the best way to reduce crime because 20% of criminals commit 80% of crime.

He said: “Police patrols do little to deter burglars. The police know who the criminals are and when they’re out on patrol they’re out looking for the people who they know commit crime.

“The revolving door of the criminal justice system is where people commit crimes, get arrested and are either given a community order or custodial sentence by the courts.

“Then once that’s over they go on to commit more crime. If we are going to cut crime that is something we have to do something about.”

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Roger Griffen, of Mill Lane in Arlesey, attended the meeting as a member of the public.

He said his house has been robbed four times and believes increased patrols would make a difference.

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“I have no confidence in the police,” he said.

“We were burgled in August and we haven’t had a police officer visit us yet. There’s little chance of that now,

“The only time I see a police officer around here is if they’ve got a camera trying to catch people speeding.”

Paul Booth told the Comet his tree surgeon business has suffered badly after criminals broke into his house in Astwick Road, Stotfold, and stole all his tools.

He said: “Criminals have got a free hand around here. They know there’s no police so they know they can act with impunity.”

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