Police investigating after suspicious death in Stevenage

A MAN has died following an incident in Stevenage yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) in what is believed to be a stabbing.

A Stevenage man in his early 30s was found in a critical condition when two Stevenage ambulance crews arrived at a property in Bowcock Walk at 4.30pm.

Following treatment at the scene, the man was transported to an awaiting trauma team at the Lister Hospital where he died.

A police spokesman said: “Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

“The road has been closed whilst investigations are carried out at the scene.”

A bouquet of flowers has been laid by a tree at one end of the road that joins with Rockingham Way.

Speaking to a Bowcock Walk neighbour, one man said: “I didn’t know him personally and he kept himself to himself.”

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A woman from Rockingham Way, whose garden backs onto the road, said: “It kept me awake all night.

“At one point I looked out my window and could see people up on ladders looking in the trees.”

More to follow.