Police hunt for men after ‘love rivals’ baseball bat clash outside Hitchin railway station

Hitchin railway station.

Hitchin railway station. - Credit: Archant

Police are hunting four men after a clash about a woman outside Hitchin railway station in front of terrified commuters returning home from work last night.

According to an eye-witness a man pulled a baseball bat out of a bag and threatened the other man at around 7.20pm.

An eye-witness told the Comet: “A man started shouting and bearing up to these three men, walking over aggressively – before pulling a baseball bat from his bag and threatening them.

“They were completely oblivious to how all this was intimidating commuters walking home from the station, who were terrified.

“The men appeared to be arguing about a woman. They sounded like they were rivals in love.

“It looked like it was going to turn nasty, but then they heard police sirens and ran off.

“It was disgusting that such a thing could happen in broad daylight in front of normal people just going about their business.”

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At least two police cars arrived on the scene but the men had fled.

A police spokesman said: “Investigations are ongoing to establish the exact circumstances of what happened.

“No reports of an assault have been received.”