Plans for Potton Quarry expansion, where growth could be in pipeline

A decision on a new housing scheme for Clifton has been deferred. File photo. Picture: Getty Images/

A decision on a new housing scheme for Clifton has been deferred. File photo. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Plans have been unveiled to extend the excavation area at Potton Quarry where further expansion could be on the cards, according to a local councillor.

Councillor Adam Zerny of Central Bedfordshire Council and Potton Town Council.

Councillor Adam Zerny of Central Bedfordshire Council and Potton Town Council. - Credit: Archant

Under the new scheme, the offices and car parking area would be moved a short distance to enable digging on the land where they are currently situated.

But the company which runs the quarry, Breedon, is understood to have approached Central Bedfordshire Council about excavating an adjoining area.

This would be a larger plot of land, closer to housing on the outskirts of Potton.

“Breedon has been seeking advice from the council about a potential application in the coming months for a new area to be quarried,” said independent Potton councillor Adam Zerny on a social media account.

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“If granted permission, Breedon would still be permitted to quarry in the original part of the site, as well as this new plot.”

There are no rules in place to govern HGV routes, vehicle journeys and the amounts which can be quarried, according to the local authority.

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Mr Zerny said: “While the lorries will have to come through a residential area, if they approach the site from the A1, these journeys should be kept to a minimum.

“I believe there should be full assessments of the suitability of the areas in question, as if this site was being proposed for the first time.

“I have told planning officers, although the owner says it’s seeking no increase on present quarrying levels, the council should put in place limits on annual output and vehicle numbers.

“Given the site is close to a residential area, it is my view the start time should be no earlier than 8am and vehicle movements to and from the site should be completely restricted until this time.”

Mr Zerny says the council has informed him that it is “expecting an application in the coming months” for an expansion of the overall site.

In a previous social media posting, Mr Zerny revealed that Breedon told him the company is not aware “its present operations have given rise to any concerns or objections from local residents”.

Breedon said its current activities take place 20 metres below surrounding ground level, which may explain the lack of impact.

The firm told Mr Zerny it is prepared for “local concerns raised about the potential sensory impacts which an extension as planned has the potential to generate”.

But Breedon adds it hopes to “determine the likely impacts as well as those measures which we will introduce to ensure these will not give rise to any issue”.

The company also said the nearest properties are some distance away from the extension area proposed.

And by utilising best quarry practices it is confident “any impact caused will not be adverse to the quality of life of local residents”.

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