Phantom cow mystery after midnight moo fest

A mysterious night of mooing left residents counting sheep last week.

The ghostly cows were herd across Stevenage and Walkern on Thursday night and into Friday morning, but where they were, why they were mooing and how the noise could reach neighbourhoods miles from any cattle remains a mystery.

Danielle Moorley of Walkern was left udderly confused after she was kept up most of the night by the noise. “Basically it started about 10.00pm,” the 19-year-old said. “Me and my friends heard cows mooing. It carried on all through the night as I was awake until twelve and I could still hear them.

“I woke up numerous times in the night and they were still mooing which kept me up most of the night. I thought it was a local farmer in my area and didn’t think nothing of it.

“I put a status up on my Facebook saying about hearing the cows and i found out that people from Shephall, Oaks Cross and Chells area heard them too and they live quite far away from us. This is a very strange mystery.”

The borough council gave a pat answer to the issue saying they had not received any complaints about cows.

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