Petition launched to deter people from parking in a potentially hazardous spot in Baldock

A petition has been launched which complains that members of staff at Baldock Manor are parking alon

A petition has been launched which complains that members of staff at Baldock Manor are parking along Anchor Road. - Credit: Archant

A petition has been launched to stop members of staff from Baldock Manor causing a potential hazard by allegedly parking near the entrance to a residential street.

Many of those who have signed the petition say they have spoken to staff at the rehabilitation centre – which offers treatment for people with mental illnesses – but their words have fallen on deaf ears.

Although anyone can park legally on Anchor Road, those concerned feel that by doing so they are breaking the Highway Code and putting drivers at risk due to both the bend of the road and the proximity to the junction with Pryor Road.

Karina Lanni, who lives in Pryor Road, said: “I believe members of staff at Baldock Manor are creating a hazard for the residents entering and leaving Anchor Road from the estate.

“Numerous people from the estate have made the management of Baldock Manor aware of the situation.

“I am concerned that someone will be involved in a very serious accident due to irresponsible parking.”

Mia Beswick, who collected the petition with Karina, said: “There have been so many near misses as the staff park so close to the junction on Anchor Road and the bend into Pryor Road, creating a blind spot, and we fear an accident or much worse will happen soon.

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“We have spoken to the Baldock Manor staff who have ignored us, despite the fact they have spare parking spaces in their grounds. The police have visited them to speak about it, too.

“Their staff have the opportunity to park on the wide London Road outside the building or in the Tesco car park three minutes walk away.

“We all feel deeply concerned that this parking will lead to a serious accident, or prevent an ambulance or fire services accessing the close to reach one of the older residents further up the road.

“The Baldock Manor seems to be a large business so should cater for the parking and traffic it creates, and care about surrounding residential safety, which it clearly does not.”

Steven Peacock, who lives in Anchor Road, said: “Why do these employees persist in exposing other drivers to potential harm by parking with complete disregard for the safety of everybody?

“They continue this practice contrary to all guidance of the Highway Code, when a safer alternative is available.”

Baldock Manor were contacted for comment but they did not respond before The Comet went to press.