People in Stevenage urged to get active and help raise £1,000 for charities

Stevenage mayor Councillor Howard Burrell. Credit: Pete Stevens

Stevenage mayor Councillor Howard Burrell. Credit: Pete Stevens - Credit: Pete Stevens

Charities are encouraging people living in Stevenage to get active and literally walk to space for charity.

Beat the Street was launched by Herts County Council yesterday, Wednesday, and is challenging people to walk and cycle more.

The six-week scheme is being backed by the Stevenage and District Riding for the Disabled Association and the Stevenage Arts Guild – which will each receive £500 if the participants collectively cover 500,000 miles, roughly the distance to space.

Stevenage’s new mayor, Howard Burrell, has chosen both groups as his charities of the year.

The riding charity’s chairman Ian Shepherd said: “Hopefully this work will encourage the people of Stevenage to take part in Beat the Street. As well as getting active and exploring the town, you could make a real difference to Stevenage and District Riding for the Disabled and Stevenage Arts Guild.”

Beat the Street allows people to track how active they are by tapping Beat Boxes, which have been sited at locations around the town, with a card. The cards can be collected from selected libraries, leisure centres and GP practices.

The greater the distance covered the more points will be earned.

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People can enter in groups or individually and the highest scorers will be rewarded with various prizes including a share of the £10,000 prize pot.

The scheme is being run in four towns across the county and the money will be donated if all participants from all areas collectively cover the distance.

For more information and to see a list of distribution points visit

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