Passionate anti-litter campaigner urges smokers to visit the Donald Trump ‘butt bin’ in Hitchin’s Churchgate!

Rachel Campbell's 'butt bin'

Rachel Campbell's 'butt bin' - Credit: Archant

A passionate anti-litter campaigner from Hitchin has hit on a novel way to get people to dispose of their cigarette butts – by creating a Donald Trump ‘butt bin’!

Creative mum of two Rachel Campbell – whose previous work has included designing colourful bins around the town called ‘binstallations’ – has come up with an original cigarette stub ballot bin.

The bins are the brainchild of an organisation called Hubbub who launched it in London last year.

Rachel has tailored the Hitchin version to ask the year’s pressing question: Donald Trump’s hair: fake or real? With smokers then deciding which slot to place their finished stub.

A quick straw poll at Churchgate’s Donald Trump ‘butt bin’ suggests the majority of smokers in Hitchin believe Donald Trump’s bright orange hair to be fake.

Rachel said: “It’s just a bit of fun.

“I asked for ideas – and Trump is so topical, as is his hair.

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“It will make people giggle I hope – and use the bin. I’m sure he can take it!”

Rachel added: “I wanted to see whether it helps keep cigarette butts off the streets in lovely Hitchin town – there are loads scattered on the floor at the entrance to Churchgate so we’re testing it there.

“It’s brilliantly bright and a bit silly - the idea is to ‘nudge’ people to use it by making it fun to use.

“We can change the questions whenever we want keep people interested but I need help with ideas for questions.”

People can get in touch with Rachel at, Twitter @cleanuphitchin or Facebook at www.facebook/lovehitchinhatelitter.