Stevenage Old Town parking permits – the nine roads affected if plans go ahead

The council proposes to bring in parking permits for crowded residential roads in Stevenage Old Town

The council proposes to bring in parking permits for crowded residential roads in Stevenage Old Town. Picture: Andy Prior - Credit: Archant

Plans to bring in parking permits for some residential streets in Stevenage have been met with mixed reviews, with some saying their roads are so crowded they end up paying for parking anyway, while others have said the borough council is creating more problems.

Following surveys undertaken last year, a parking scheme has been designed by Stevenage Borough Council to assist the needs of residents and businesses in the centre of the Old Town.

The proposed permit parking area would include Albert Street, Alleyns Road, Basils Road, Grove Road, Southend Close, Stanmore Road, Victoria Close and part of Church Lane and Walkern Road.

Under the new scheme, disabled bays in the affected streets which are currently 'advisory courtesy' bays would be made enforceable.

It would mean those parking in the streets Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 5.30pm will need to be a permit holder or display visitor vouchers.

Residents living in these roads would be able to buy parking permits and visitors vouchers, which would also be available to residents - but not businesses - on Baker Street, Bells Lane, Church Lane, Drapers Way. High Street (between James Way and Letchmore Road), Middle Row and Primett Road.

The council also propose to put yellow lines between newly created parking bays, and in place of existing 'keep clear' markings along Church Lane, and on some junctions/bends. Should the scheme go ahead, each road will be patrolleda minimum of twice a day from Monday and Saturday.

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Permits for a first vehicle at an address and visitors voucher would cost £60 for paper version, or £56 for a virtual one. For a permit for a second vehicle at an address, it would be £86 for a physical or £82 for a virtual version.

The plans, which are under consultation, have been met with mixed reviews.

Stanmore Road resident Andy Prior said: "The issue is they haven't actually looked at what the problem is, but are trying to solve it.

"Permits won't solve anything in Stanmore Road. Because of the doctors surgery, there's a massive turnover of cars. It's not people coming and parking for seven hours long, the cars move quickly.

"In front of the surgery they could drop the kerb to put six car parking spaces in. The people that work at the doctors surgery want to be able to park in their car park, but that's also overflowing, so by adding spaces to the front of the building, that will improve the situation.

"By doing this they will remove residents parking, and permits will make the situation worse.

"I currently have no issue finding a space in front of my house. I can't speak for other roads, as I know Grove Road and others have a massive issue with commuters.

"But I see both sides - rail users pay £7.50 for parking on top of train travel, so I would park in a road nearby too!

"It seems like the council needs revenue - introducing permits forces commuters to use the council car parks, and also forces residents to pay for something they already have for free.

"If you are elderly, or just have people coming round to visit, a visitors permit is a lot considering it was once free.

"We're being discriminated against - other streets in Stevenage you can go and park at their houses for free.

"They are not solving anything. I can't get my head around it. We all need medical care and we think it's fantastic - if you come to the doctors you need somewhere to park and we accepted that when we moved here."

Another resident in Grove Road, who asked to remain anonymous, said some of her neighbours had resorted to using the nearby council chip coin car park in the past, and therefore welcomed the news of having parking restrictions in place.

Councillor Lloyd Briscoe, executive member for transport at SBC, said: "Residents in this area of the Old Town have been complaining of problems due to non-resident parking for a number of years.

"Our 2016 and 2019 surveys found strong support for permit parking to address this and so permits have been proposed. We received responses from 49 per cent the properties approached and we found three quarters were in favour of having permits. "That doesn't mean it is a done deal, and we would encourage all residents participate in the consultation so that their views can be taken into account to help shape our parking proposals."

To have your say before the February 14 deadline use the online feedback form at You can also respond by email to

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