Parking free for all in Letchworth may be sorted to ease Cowslip Hill headaches

Cars are parked along the street all day

Cars are parked along the street all day - Credit: Archant

A parking free-for-all in a busy Letchworth road is causing a real headache for motorists and people who live there.

But action could be on the way to solve the problems which dog the town’s Cowslip Hill.

Lizzie Andrews complained a year ago about parking on Cowslip Hill near Norton Common, which is clogged up daily with commuter traffic.

When she contacted North Herts District Council again this year, she was told it may take another year to bring in restrictions.

Lizzie, who lives in Hawthorn Hill, said: “It’s outrageous. There are cars parked all along the road, so there’s only space for one flow of traffic.

“You have to wait for ages, then when you get a chance you have to make a run for it past 10, 15 cars.

“There’s road rage, people are going up the grass verge. You can’t get out. You have to put your foot down and go hell for leather.”

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Helen Stewart, of nearby Rowan Crescent, said: “As a road we’ve complained to the council.

“It’s getting worse. It’s chaos some mornings. I’ve seen people shouting at each other from their cars.”

But not everyone wants action. Steven Whittaker, who lives on The Grange, said: “If you put parking restrictions near the town centre, people are just going to park a bit further away where it’s free, so you’re pushing the problem further out.

“There’s nothing anyone can do.”

Councillor David Kearns, who represents the area, admitted: “It’s an uphill struggle and something we’re looking into. I’ve heard locals speak a lot about it.”

Councillor Julian Cunningham, who oversees parking matters, confirmed that the Cowslip Hill area was scheduled for a review in the new year.

He said: “Part of the process includes pre-consultation with residents and interested parties to reach a suitable solution in accordance with highway standards.”

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