Parents warn of young motorcyclists causing a danger to their children in Stevenage parks

A biker pictured riding through Hampson park

A biker pictured riding through Hampson park - Credit: Archant

Youths are causing a danger to families by tearing across Hampson and St Nicholas Parks in Stevenage on their motorbikes, concerned parents have said.

Bikers at St Nicholas Park are a danger to children according to residents

Bikers at St Nicholas Park are a danger to children according to residents - Credit: Archant

People who live near the parks snapped photographs of youngsters riding motocross bikes on the paths and grass areas and hanging around in groups looking at the bikes last weekend.

Byelaws enforced by Stevenage Borough Council ban motorised vehicles from the parks.

A father – who did not wish to be named but snapped pictures of the bikers this month – said: “I was just walking my dog and taking my little girl to the park for a walk. It had been her birthday the day before and she was just pushing a little pushchair.

“The park was busy with kids playing football and basketball.

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“There were two of them. One on a moped and one on a crosser.

“They went flying across the park and there could easily have been a child in the way.”

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“It was a bit frightening and a bit scary. An old boy jumped out of his skin and said he wanted to find out the registration of the bike.”

Another dad who regularly visits the park, which can also be accessed from Lonsdale Road, told the Comet: “It happens all the time, it’s been going on for years. I’ve reported it to the police three or four times but they don’t often turn up.

“When my kids were younger they would be playing on the hills and the bikes would come up the other side so they couldn’t see them.

“They go wooshing up the hill and can’t see if anybody is on the other side of it.”

“People think it’s dangerous and stare at them but nothing gets done.”

“They are going 30 or 40 mph and doing wheel spins all over the place.”

A spokesman for Stevenage Borough Council said: “We have not received any reports of motorbikes being used in the parks, but would encourage people to contact the police if they witness a crime or anti-social behaviour.”

Crimes can be reported to Herts police by calling 101.

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