Parents launch petition at crossing where Stevenage girl, 10, was killed

Toufik Moumen and Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland with the petition and a picture of Mr Moumen's dau

Toufik Moumen and Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland with the petition and a picture of Mr Moumen's daughter Yesmine, who was killed at the crossing in December 2010 - Credit: Archant

A PETITION has been launched by the parents of a 10-year-old girl killed at a pedestrian crossing who fear another tragedy.

Flowers at the cossing on Monkswood Way

Flowers at the cossing on Monkswood Way - Credit: Archant

Yesmine Moumen died after a collision with a car in Monkswood Way, Stevenage, in December 2010, leading to her parents Toufik and Yvonne calling for speed cameras to be installed along the road and the speed limit reduced.

Kevin Ruder of Keller Close, Stevenage, was cleared of causing death by careless driving in March 2012.

Mr and Mrs Moumen had been waiting to see the results from CCTV footage filmed in December last year before launching the petition but said they have been forced to take a stand due to a lack of information from Hertfordshire County Council.

A previous county council traffic survey where speed cameras were installed at the junction – opposite Asda supermarket and North Hertfordshire College – found the majority of motorists were driving under the 40mph limit.

“Hertfordshire County Council’s refusal to install permanent speed and CCTV cameras and to reduce the speed limit has left us with no option but to start a petition,” said Mr Moumen.

“We are asking the county council to install speed cameras ideally with the same system as the Corey’s Mill junction outside Sainsbury’s to ensure cars don’t break the speed limit on that road and at the crossing, and also a system to capture cars jumping a red light. We are also asking the county council to reduce the speed limit on Monkswood Way from 40mph to 30mph to be on par with St George’s Way.

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“We are appealing to all citizens of Comet country to help us and support us in our quest. Please sign our petition to ensure public safety and prevent any accidents or tragedies from happening again. Only together can we prevent harm.”

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland is backing the campaign and visited the Monkswood Way crossing with Mr Moumen last week to launch the petition.

He said: “I have campaigned on this issue alongside Mr Moumen for many months and held a meeting at the site with a variety of specialists from Hertfordshire County Council. We persuaded them to investigate both speeding vehicles and drivers jumping the lights at the junction. Unfortunately, the county council concluded there was no real problem at the junction, but local people know from experience how dangerous this junction is.

“Each time I have visited the site with Mr Moumen, we have witnessed vehicles speeding and jumping the lights. I want everyone in Stevenage to feel safe and prevent another family losing a loved one, so I am happy to support Mr Moumen’s petition.”

To sign the petition visit or copy and paste into your web browser.

Mr Moumen will also be collecting signatures at the crossing and outside Asda supermarket at weekends.

Regarding the results from CCTV footage, a spokesman for Hertfordshire County Council said: “The timing between changes appears to be correct without causing unnecessary delay, while allowing sufficient time for vehicles to clear the junction. Compliance with the traffic signals was good with no obvious cases of drivers going through red lights.

“We observed that on occasion traffic failed to clear the nearby roundabout, which blocked exits at the traffic lights. A yellow box marking on the road at the lights may help to prevent some of this blocking and we are considering adding this in the future.”