Outrage over reports of human faeces in park

THE chairman of a community group says she is “absolutely horrified” after reports of people defecating in a park.

A dog owner, who asked to remain anonymous, contacted The Comet last week after finding human faeces in Great Ashby District Park in Stevenage while walking her two dogs.

She said: “Lots of kids camp round the back of the woods and they go to the toilet there if they camp over night. My dogs don’t eat dog poo, they eat human poo so I know that’s what it was, and there was toilet paper there as well.”

The owner said there was also a problem of littering in the area, with dog walkers regularly having to pick up glass.

She said that neither matter had been reported by her to North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC), who are responsible for the site.

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Chairman of Great Ashby Community Group Evelyn Goldwater said: “Nobody has brought this to my attention. The park is generally very well cared for - we have some children’s play areas there and mainly because of that the maintenance contractors are there every day and they empty the bins and would know about litter.

“As for the other problem (people defecating into the park), that is something I haven’t heard of. I’m absolutely horrified about this. I know we had this problem just over a year ago when the park was used by travellers as that sort of thing was happening then but I haven’t heard of it regarding the general public that use the park.”

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A spokesman for NHDC said there had been no reported complaints of people defecating in the park but the situation will continue to be monitored.

Regarding the litter complaints, Cllr Peter Burt, NHDC’s portfolio holder for waste, recycling and environment, said: “Our contractors John O’Conners carry out daily inspections of Great Ashby District Park to maintain a high standard of cleanliness for the whole community to enjoy. We are proud of our beautiful countryside and it is a shame that a few thoughtless people can make a mess and ruin it for everybody else.”

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