Out of Africa and into Stevenage, a tale of long-lasting love

Buddy and Helen Palmer-Wilson.

Buddy and Helen Palmer-Wilson. - Credit: Archant

A Stevenage couple who fell in love in colonial east Africa were treated to a surprise party with friends and family to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.

Buddy and Helen Palmer-Wilson

Buddy and Helen Palmer-Wilson - Credit: Archant

Buddy and Helen Palmer-Wilson thought they were going for a quiet day out when family and friends showered them with food and gifts to mark the special day.

Their youngest daughter Anne Banks said: “It was a lovely day. They were totally surprised and had no idea what was going on. They thought they were going to see my son’s new house but when they arrived they discovered it was something entirely different.”

Buddy met his childhood sweetheart Helen when she came to look after children in his family in the 1940s.

The couple fell in love and got married in May 1950. They moved to the town in 1966.

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