Operation Exhaust drive aims to crack down on two-wheeled trouble in Letchworth this summer

PC Chris Adshead and Police Community Support Officer Martin Barringer.

PC Chris Adshead and Police Community Support Officer Martin Barringer. - Credit: Archant

An operation launched by the Letchworth Safer Neighbourhood Team this week and set to run throughout the summer aims to tackle anti-social behaviour problems involving the use of mopeds and motorbikes.

PCSO Martin Barringer

PCSO Martin Barringer - Credit: Archant

Operation Exhaust has hit the road in response to complaints about the anti-social use of mopeds and motorbikes on footpaths and bridleways on the town’s Jackmans Estate.

Police stress it is an offence to drive a moped, motorcycle or any other form of motorised vehicle on footpaths and bridleways. It is also an offence to use a motor vehicle in a manner which causes alarm, distress or annoyance and anyone doing so could face having their vehicle seized, a fine or further police action.

The operation will see officers carrying out high visibility patrols in affected areas at random times during the summer and autumn.

They will also be posting warning signs to deter trouble-makers and make them aware police are patrolling.

Officers have promised to stop anyone they find breaking the rules to advise them about where they are going wrong, but some may be searched. Persistent offenders will face further police action.

As part of Operation Exhaust, officers will also keep an eye out for other forms of anti-social behaviour and they will be on hand to speak to people about cycle security and safety, or any other concerns brought to them by members of the public.

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Letchworth Safer Neighbourhood Team officer PC Chris Adshead, who is leading the operation, said: “We are looking forward to putting a stop to the anti-social behaviour. On the first day we spoke to a number of people living on the estate who confirmed that it is a problem and are pleased to see action is being taken.

“Riding mopeds and motorcycles on bridle paths and footpaths can be quite a typical occurrence during the summer months. Not only is this activity a criminal offence, which we intend to clamp down on, it also has been causing a nuisance to local people which is unacceptable.

“We will continue to run Operation Exhaust at regular intervals until October to put a stop to the activity and speak to and take action against repeat offenders.”

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour in your local area, it’s important to report it to police via the non-emergency number 101 or contact one of the officers on your local Safer Neighbourhood Team. If you witness a crime in progress, please dial 999 immediately.