‘A stalker’s paradise’ - Hertfordshire victim whose naked pictures were shared on anonymous forum speaks out

A number of women from Hertfordshire have had their pictures and identity shared in an anonymous onl

A number of women from Hertfordshire have had their pictures and identity shared in an anonymous online forum. Picture: HyperionPixels - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A victim whose details and pictures have been shared on an online forum has described it as a “stalker’s paradise”, and said it was “mortifying” to find revealing pictures of her were being shared online.

The female victim from St Albans, who will not be named, says she was warned by a friend that her pictures were being circulated on the internet and was sent a link to an online forum.

The forum is used to anonymously request and post naked or revealing photographs of women in Hertfordshire – with posts requesting young women’s pictures from specific locations, namely Stevenage, Hitchin, Welwyn or St Albans.

The victim said: “It was mortifying to find this.

“It’s really creepy that people I don’t know have so much personal information about me and other girls.

“I think it’s like a stalker’s paradise.”

She found one picture of herself, that she took more than 10 years ago when she was just 15, on the forum – alongside posts that named her and were requesting more pictures to be sent.

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Alongside this victim’s picture, there are hundreds of other women pictured – with anonymous users posting as recently as last week.

Some posts name a specific woman and the location they are known to live in, then request other users to send in any of their pictures.

One user said: “Anyone got any St Albans to share? I’ve got some [name redacted].”

Another asks: “Who’s the girl in the last photo? She looks familiar. Would love to see this [name redacted]. Dunno if it’s the same one I know.”

The victim says she and others have reported this to police, but have had “not had much luck” so far.

A spokeswoman for Herts Police said: “Police are aware of the website and are making enquiries at this time.”