Obsessive, controlling and violent ex-partner stalked young Stevenage mum for weeks

Ross Harris was given a 25-week sentence.

Ross Harris was given a 25-week sentence. - Credit: Archant

A young single mum whose obsessive ex-partner assaulted her in front of her two young children and then stalked her for weeks fears for her safety when he is released from prison next month.

The bag contained a knife, cable ties, duck tape and hat.

The bag contained a knife, cable ties, duck tape and hat. - Credit: Archant

Ross Harris, of Burydale in Stevenage, was given a 24-week jail sentence and an indefinite restraining order against his victim at the town’s magistrates’ court last week.

Despite the order, the mother of two young boys – who does not wish to be named – believes it won’t stop him following her.

“I don’t think he’s going to leave me alone when he’s released,” she said. “I remember when we were together he told me that if anyone ever crossed him he’d get them back and I believe him. I work shifts and some start very early and sometimes I don’t finish until late so it’s pitch black when I go to and from work.

“He knows the route I take and I’m scared he’ll start following me again when he’s released.”

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The pair met in June last year and the court heard how Harris, 20, quickly became very controlling and obsessive. He assaulted her in November after she tried to end the relationship and told him to leave her house or she would call the police. He reacted by smashing her phone and pinning the woman to the sofa in front of her two boys.

After this he began constantly contacting her by phone. When she blocked his number he would buy new sim cards and he would regularly turn up unannounced in her garden late at night.

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This continued until January 2 when she found a rucksack in her bedroom wardrobe which contained a knife, cable ties, duck tape and a hat. When she returned home later that evening she discovered that the bag had gone and realised that Harris had been in her house.

She immediately called the police who arrested Harris the day after.

It was later discovered that during the relationship Harris had a set of keys to the back door secretly cut and he is believed to have put the bag in the room at the end of December meaning it was there on New Year’s Eve when he repeatedly tried to get the woman to go back to her house.

Speaking about the experience, she said: “The whole thing was terrifying. Both my children have been having counselling since the assault.

“On New Year’s Eve he kept trying to get me back home but I refused and I’m just so glad I did because I’ve no idea what might have happened.”

Harris has been on remand since being arrested in January so will be released in April.

If you are being stalked call 999.For more search stalking and harassment on www.herts.police.uk.

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