North Herts local election candidates

All the candidates standing for election at North Herts District Council.

Baldock East

John Harris, Conservative Party; Sylvia Hutchinson, Green Party; Marilyn Kirkland, Liberal Democrats; Vaughan West, Labour Party.

Baldock Town

Ken Garland, Labour Party; Arwen Tapping, Green Party; Michael Weeks, Conservative Party; Richard Winter, Liberal Democrats.


James Henry, Conservative Party; Sal Jarvis, Liberal Democrats; Bhavna Johsi, Labour Party; Felix Power, Green Party.

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Letchworth East

John Barry, UK Independence Party; Eric Blakely, Green Party; Mertsi Fisher, Liberal Democrats; Ian Mantle, Labour Party; Michael Paterson, Conservative Party; Tim Vickers, English Democrats.

Letchworth Grange

Clare Billing, Labour Party; Rosemary Bland, Green Party; Paul Marment, Conservative Party; Martin Penny, Liberal Democrats; Charles Vickers, English Democrats

Letchworth South East

James Drew, Green Party; Nicholas Kissen, The Labour Party; David Levett, Conservative Party; Philip Stevens, UK Independence Party; John Winder, Liberal Democrats.

Letchworth South West

Jean Andrews, Labour Party; Terry Hone, Conservative Party; Rebecca Leek, Green Party; John Winder, Liberal Democrats.

Letchworth Wilbury

Andy Frankland, Conservative Party; Jonathan Hart, Green Party; Michael Rodgers, UK Independence Party; Deepak Sangha, The Labour Party, John White, Liberal Democrats.

Hitchin Priory

Ann De Bock, Green Party; Nafisa Sayany, Labour Party; Adrianne Smyth, UK Independence Party; Richard Thake, Conservative Party; Liz Willoughby, Liberal Democrats.

Hitchin Oughton

Faye Barnard, Conservative Party; Alan Brookman, Green Party; Joan Kirby, Labour Party; Rob Lambie, Liberal Democrats.

Hitchin Highbury

Clare Body, Liberal Democrats; Jackie Greatorex, Green Party; David Leal-Bennett, Conservative Party; Peter Mardell, Labour Party.

Hitchin Bearton

Michael Lott, Liberal Democrats, Gavin Nicholson, Green Party; Deborah Segalini, Labour Party; Alex Stoner, Conservative Party.

Hitchin Walsworth

Andrew Ircha, Liberal Democrats; Mario May, Green Party; Ray Shakespeare Smith, Conservative Party; Derek Sheard, Labour Party.

Hitchwood, Offa and Hoo

Louise Chinnery, Labour Party; George Winston, Green Party; Peter Johnson, Liberal Democrats; Claire Strong, Conservative Party.


Alan Bardett, Conservative Party; Harold Bland, Green Party; Jonathan Holman, Labour Party; Andrew Scuoler, UK Independence Party.