North Herts District Council 2019 election candidates confirmed

The North Herts District Council offices. Picture: DANNY LOO

The North Herts District Council offices. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

The full list of candidates has been confirmed ahead of nexth month’s North Hertfordshire District Council elections.

The district council has 49 seats, with just over a third up for election in 2019.

Currently NHDC is controlled by the Conservatives, who have 28 councillors, with 14 from Labour and seven from the Liberal Democrats.

Elections are being held on Thursday, May 2, for 16 seats in 16 wards. Thirteen seats are being defended by the Conservatives, Labour are defending one, and two are being defended by the Lib Dems.

There are a total of 65 candidates going to the poll, 16 Conservatives, 15 each from Labour, Lib Dems and the Greens, while four from UKIP are up for election.

If you haven’t already, you must register to vote by Friday, April 12. To find out more about voting and the elections, visit

To find out which ward you live in and where your polling station is, see

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The candidates in each seat are as follows:


Most Read

• Tim Lee (Green)

• Chris Schwick (Conservative)

• Tom Tyson (Lib Dem)

Baldock Town:

• Colwyn Luke Griffiths (Labour)

• Rob Lambie (Lib Dem)

• Michael Douglas Robert Mackenzie Muir (Conservative)

• George Woolhouse (Green)


• David Leon De Smet (Labour)

• Michael Frank Goddard (Conservative)

• Rosamund Brigid McGuire (Green)

• Sam North (Lib Dem)


• George Edmund Rhys Davies (Conservative)

• Mary Karin Marshall (Green)

• Yusuf Liam Mayet (Labour)


• Suzie Anderton (Lib Dem)

• Mark Alister Gamon (Green)

• Robin Anthony King (Labour)

• Gerald Edward Morris (Conservative)

Hitchin Bearton:

• Judi Billing (Labour)

• Jonathan Clayden (Lib Dem)

• Gulshan Deep Singh Mangat (Conservative)

• Anni Elke Sander (Green)

Hitchin Highbury:

• Leon Emirali (Conservative)

• Angela Jean Griggs (Labour)

• Keith Hoskins (Lib Dem)

• Diana Joyce Newson (Green)

Hitchin Walsworth:

• Ying Han (Lib Dem)

• William Lavin (Green)

• Mark David Russell (Conservative)

• Kay Frances Tart (Labour)

Hitchwood, Offa & Hoo:

• David John Barnard (Conservative)

• Nicky Clark (Green)

• Anton Jungreuthmayer (Labour)

• Marilyn Margaret Parkin (Lib Dem)

Letchworth Grange:

• Steven Adelantado (UKIP)

• Conor Brogan (Labour)

• Sarah Elizabeth Cope (Green)

• Morgan William Derbyshire (Conservative)

• Josh Hamilton (Lib Dem)

Letchworth South East:

• Andrew Malcom Clare (Conservative)

• Adem Irfan Ruggiero-Cakir (Labour)

• Sidney Arthur Start (UKIP)

Letchworth South West:

• Jean Andrews (Labour)

• Wendy Gross (UKIP)

• Lynda Ann Needham (Conservative)

• Nicholas Mark Newson (Green)

• Sean Prendergast (Lib Dem)

Royston Heath:

• Amy Jane Bourke-Waite (Labour)

• Sarah Anne Dingley (Conservative)

• Katherine Marie Shann (Green)

• Carol Ann Stainer (Lib Dem)

Royston Meridian:

• Christopher Laurence Arquati (UKIP)

• Karen Julie Harmel (Green)

• Tony Hunter (Conservative)

• Stephen James Lockett (Labour)

• Peter Martin Rice (Lib Dem)

Royston Palace:

• Angela Clark (Green)

• Amy Chesterton Di Capite (Lib Dem)

• Jean Margaret Green (Conservative)

• Rob Inwood (Labour)

Weston and Sandon:

• Michael Steven Frederick Storm Hearn (Conservative)

• Steve Jarvis (Lib Dem)

• Headley Valentine Parkins (Labour)

• Des Stephens (Green)

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