North Herts District Council 2018 election candidates confirmed

The North Herts District Council offices in Letchworth. Picture: DANNY LOO

The North Herts District Council offices in Letchworth. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

The full list of candidates has been confirmed ahead of elections to North Hertfordshire District Council next month.

The district council has 49 seats. Ahead of the elections, there 34 Conservative councillors, 11 from Labour and three from the Liberal Democrats.

Elections are being held on May 3 for 19 seats in 18 wards. Thirteen seats are being defended by the Conservatives and Labour are defending five. An extra seat in Letchworth Grange is vacant after Labour councillor Clare Billing resigned last month – she is now standing in Hitchin Oughton.

There are a total of 19 candidates each for the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats, while the Greens are putting up 18 candidates. There are two independent candidates and one for UKIP.

If you haven’t already, you must register to vote by Tuesday, April 17. To find out more about voting and the elections, have a look at

To find out which ward you live in and where your polling station is, see

The candidates in each seat are as follows:

Baldock Town:

• Alec Maguire (Labour)

Most Read

• Jim McNally (Conservative)

• Heidi Shona Mollart-Griffin (Green)

• Richard William Winter (Lib Dem)


• Rosemary Bland (Green)

• Tom Brindley (Independent)

• Luke William Devenish (Lib Dem)

• Richard Paul Downey (Labour)

• Ian Moody (Conservative)

Hitchin Bearton:

• Val Bryant (Labour)

• Jonathan Daniel Clayden (Lib Dem)

• William Barry Lavin (Green)

• John William Skeeles (Conservative)

Hitchin Highbury:

• Conor Brogan (Labour)

• Sam S Collins (Lib Dem)

• Dominic John Crean Griffiths (Conservative)

• Diana J Newson (Green)

Hitchin Oughton:

• Clare Helen Billing (Labour)

• Mary Karin Marshall (Green)

• Louise Jane Peace (Lib Dem)

• Rebecca Robyn Reidy (Conservative)

Hitchin Priory:

• Simon Mark Harwood (Conservative)

• George Edmund Osborn (Lib Dem)

• Des Stephen (Green)

• Dave Winstanley (Labour)

Hitchin Walsworth:

• Richard Alexander Cano (Green)

• Mike Hughson (Labour)

• Andrew Ircha (Lib Dem)

• Alan John Millard (Conservative)

Hitchwood, Offa & Hoo:

• David Geoffrey Ashton (Green)

• Faye Susan Frost (Conservative)

• Anton Jungreuthmayer (Labour)

• Marilyn Margaret Parkin (Lib Dem)


• John Cyril Bishop (Conservative)

• Tom Hogan (Labour)

• Mike Lott (Lib Dem)

• Simon Wightman (Green)


• Steve Hemingway (Conservative)

• Klazina Hofmann (Labour)

• Lisa Nash (Lib Dem)

• Nick Newson (Green)

Letchworth East:

• Andrew Clare (Conservative)

• Bernard Charles Michael Lee (Green)

• Liam McKenna (Lib Dem)

• Sue Ngwala (Labour)

• Paul Ross (Independent)

Letchworth Grange (two seats up for election):

• Daniel Peter Mark Allen (Labour)

• Matthew Frazer Berman (Conservative)

• Morgan William Derbyshire (Conservative)

• Amy Elizabeth Finch (Lib Dem)

• Elizabeth Susan Hancock (Green)

• Helen Caroline Oliver (Labour)

• Aidan Sparrowhawk (Lib Dem)

Letchworth South East:

• Kate Aspinwall (Labour)

• John Leo Dobson Booth (Conservative)

• Tim Lee (Green)

• Barry Peter Neale (Lib Dem)

• Sidney Arthur Start (UKIP)

Letchworth South West:

• Jean Andrews (Labour)

• Maryla Josephine Hart (Green)

• Sean Prendergast (Lib Dem)

• Mike Rice (Conservative)

Letchworth Wilbury:

• Ian Huw John Clayfield (Green)

• Brian John Evans (Lib Dem)

• Gary Grindal (Labour)

• John Peter Hamilton Merry (Conservative)

Royston Heath:

• Ruth Brown (Lib Dem)

• Ken Garland (Labour)

• Fiona Ronan Hill (Conservative)

• Katherine Marie Shann (Green)

Royston Meridian:

• Bill Davidson (Conservative)

• Jess Finn (Labour)

• Karen Harmel (Green)

• David Matthew Lambert (Lib Dem)

Royston Palace:

• Angela Clark (Green)

• Rob Inwood (Labour)

• Ben Lewis (Conservative)

• Peter Martin Rice (Lib Dem)

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