Green candidate for North East Herts Tim Lee on why you should vote for him in the General Election

Green party parliamentary candidate for North East Herts, Tim Lee. Picture: Kara Lee

Green party parliamentary candidate for North East Herts, Tim Lee. Picture: Kara Lee - Credit: Archant

Tim Lee, the Green Party candidate for North East Herts, has explained in his own words why you should vote for him in the 2019 General Election.

"I have made Letchworth my home since 2007, having moved here with my wife and two children.

"I work as an IT and Data Protection Professional, and am the chair of the Baldock Canoe Club and co-chair of the local Green Party. I keep chickens and ducks, a cat and a hamster, and also enjoy acting, last appearing in Hay Fever at The Settlement.

"I love the rural beauty and richness of culture here, there's something for everyone.

"However, rural idylls often hide social isolation, especially as people age and no longer drive.

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"Greens will help create a free/flat-cost sustainable public service that connects you better - for the common good. So good you won't want a car whatever your age.

"Society is beginning to understand just how damaging cars really are.

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"We must address the climate emergency and biodiversity loss - and get Ashwell Springs flowing all year.

"We must ensure the air we all breathe is clean, not polluted, the food we all eat is healthy in production and consumption, the packaging we all use is bio-safe.

"I want a society that values you for who you are. Green politics means fairer tax and benefits.

"Today everyone can earn £48 per week in untaxed income. Yet the current government expects those with no income or insecure jobs to go without any income for 5 weeks - could you survive with no income for 5 weeks?

"This forces people into poverty and at worst kills them.

"Only the Greens propose a better simpler system - Universal Basic Income (UBI) - everyone receives the £48 per week directly, guaranteed.

"Every trial shows big improvements. People become confident, they find jobs that suits them, employment increases, income increases.

"Plus, other costs reduce: health care, social care, drug issues, policing, justice, benefits administration, etc.

"It is a system that more than pays for itself.

"Brexit - once parliament agreed on a deal, you should vote to confirm you still want to leave with that specific deal - or remain. And ban the topic for 20 years!

"The future is Green."

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