Labour candidate for North East Beds Julian Vaughan on why you should vote for him in the General Election

Labour candidate for North East Bedfordshire, Julian Vaughan. Picture: NE Beds CLP

Labour candidate for North East Bedfordshire, Julian Vaughan. Picture: NE Beds CLP - Credit: Archant

Julian Vaughan, the Labour parliamentary candidate for North East Beds, has explained in his own words why you should vote for him in the 2019 General Election.

"A train driver on London Underground, I have lived in the constituency since 2006 and am married with a teenage daughter," he said.

"I am proud to be British, with our sense of fair play, tolerance and our willingness to support the underdog.

"However, this current government has created a hostile environment for the most vulnerable in our society and we have become a more divided nation, particularly since the Brexit referendum.

"I believe our community is enriched when we care for everyone within it. If elected as your MP, I promise you that I will do all I can to support the most vulnerable in our constituency.

"I will be a champion, not just for the people that shout the loudest, but particularly for the people who have no voice at all.

"I will work across political divides for the benefit of all - in fact I already have a track record of doing just that.

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"Of all the issues we face, none is more important than the climate emergency.

"We must take urgent action, and I will fully support policies to reduce our carbon emissions.

"Everyone has a right to be safe day to day. I will prioritise a return of effective community policing across North East Bedfordshire so you, your family and your property are protected.

"North East Beds has a badly fragmented transport network. I will campaign for a linked-up transport system, with seamless connections between different modes of travel.

"I will fight both for a safe cycle network and for bus services that will reduce social isolation in our villages and be a viable alternative for commuters.

"I will also prioritise genuinely affordable housing and ensure that developers do not dodge their affordable housing obligations and infrastructure commitments.

"Many of you will want to know my stance on Brexit. I voted remain and am in favour of a second referendum.

"If you vote for me, you will be voting for strongest advocate for North East Beds, backed up by a party that will protect our NHS and restore our public services.

"Only a vote for Labour can ensure this."