North East Bedfordshire MP Alistair Burt champions work of colleague Jo Cox after her tragic death

Labour MP Jo Cox was tragically killed last week in West Yorkshire. Credit : Yui Mok

Labour MP Jo Cox was tragically killed last week in West Yorkshire. Credit : Yui Mok - Credit: PA

An MP has championed the legacy left behind by his colleague Jo Cox in the wake of her tragic death.

MP for North East Beds Alistair Burt.

MP for North East Beds Alistair Burt. - Credit: Archant

Alistair Burt – who is MP for North East Bedfordshire – has paid tribute to his fellow MP, who was shot and stabbed to death in West Yorkshire last week.

The death of the Labour politician has shocked the nation, but Alistair – who represents the Conservative party – believes her contribution to society should be lauded.

He said: “The wicked murder of Jo last week has stunned my colleagues, as it has the nation.

“I can add little to what has been said about the circumstances, but can fully endorse everything that has been said about the MP herself.

“In my meetings and contacts with Jo, I found her all that people will have read about, and her loss is a tragedy for politics and Parliament, while so much more for her husband, children and family. I am sure I will speak for all my constituents as I express our deep sadness and condolences to them.

“I remember the shock of 9/11, and having to speak at a school awards evening a few days later. I searched desperately to find something positive to say to young people, whose world had just changed forever, though they might have been unaware of the full implications.

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“I found it in the amazing messages that those in the Twin Towers and in the Pennsylvania plane sent to families when they knew they were likely to die.

“They were almost invariably messages of love for those close to them, not hatred for those responsible for their death.

“So it is with the loss of Jo. We firstly remember her life, not death, and how vital a life of service is in today’s world.”

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