No beer on the menu for Arnold

Boro goalkeeper won’t find it hard to resist temptation this Christmas

You would be forgiven for thinking that footballers dread the festive period – working through their busiest part of the year while most of us enjoy all the food and drink we can manage – but this won’t bother goalkeeper Steve Arnold one bit.

With four games in 10 days, there’s little time for the Stevenage players to enjoy the festivities, but it no longer comes as shock to Boro’s number one.

“It’s the same every year, you need to get used to it. I can’t remember the last Christmas day I had off,” said Arnold.

“You’re in, you do what you’ve got to do, and then you get back home to the family. It’s something that comes with being a footballer and unfortunately you have to do it. We don’t mind, though, that’s what we’re ready for.”

With all the perks of being a professional footballer, the goalkeeper isn’t about to complain.

“I can’t remember ever being out over Christmas and New Years, so I’m not missing out – I’m doing what I love to do,” he added.

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“It’s one of those things where I’ve never done it so I don’t realise I’m missing out.

“I’ve got family at home and now that I’m at Stevenage I can see a lot more of them, it’s always a good time for me personally.”

Just how much can a footballer enjoy Christmas, though? A big dinner? Maybe even a cheeky bottle of beer?

“Beer is definitely not an option,” insisted the 23-year-old. “You can have a bit of grub but you’ve just got to be sensible – not all the trimmings!”

On the pitch, Boro have a tough looking trip to second placed Brentford on Saturday and Arnold is hoping the team can continue their impressive away form, as well as replicating it at The Lamex over the remainder of the season.

“We’ve shown away from home how well we can play and it’s just a case of reproducing that at home as well,” he said.

“I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about (home form) and it’ll come, we’ve got an important few games now where we can show that.”