NHDC covered for falling NASA space junk

AS a NASA satellite hurtles towards earth, the district council has assured residents its emergency plans are sound - although the authority do warn debris may be hot to the touch.

Fragments of a dead six tonne satellite are currently on a collision course with earth - although the exact point they will impact remains unknown.

Nasa has stressed the risk is “extremely small” of any of the 26 chunks surviving the fiery re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere and experts are currently attempting to plot the debris’ descent.

North Herts District Council said, although its emergency plans don’t explicitly cover falling space junk, the district is prepared for any eventuality.

Cllr Lynda Needham, leader of the council, said: “Defunct NASA satellites falling to earth at high speeds are not something we specifically refer to in our emergency plans.

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“However, those plans cover many of the situations that would arise should North Herts ever be hit by debris from space. If any residents do find any bits of this satellite in the district, I gather that the advice is not to touch it - apparently it might be rather hot!”

It is believed there is a one in 3,200 chance of one of the planet’s seven billion people being struck.

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The satellite is expected to hit this evening (Friday).

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