Newly appointed Governor from Langford launches classes to help people affected by eating disorders

Hannah Brown. Picture: East London NHS Foundation Trust

Hannah Brown. Picture: East London NHS Foundation Trust - Credit: Archant

A mental health campaigner who battled anorexia is hoping to help others with lessons specifically targeted for people with eating disorders.

Hannah Brown suffered from anorexia and now wants to help others who are going through similar exper

Hannah Brown suffered from anorexia and now wants to help others who are going through similar experiences. Pictures: Hannah Brown - Credit: Archant

Hannah Brown from Langford says her class is one of the first of their kind in the country, and she hopes it will provide a peaceful and calming atmosphere to those facing eating disorders.

YogaEd will be launching at Evergreen Studios in Letchworth on November 9 and will continue every Thursday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Hannah, 27, explained: “Through this class we want to restore the tranquillity, peace and stillness that yoga can instil, promoting an ethos of health and wellbeing, turning into the body.

“This is where the restorative power of yoga can help so much and why we are thrilled to be able to bring this class to Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties.”

The class costs £8 per session, which funds the hire of the studio and insurance – and staff will be giving their time entirely voluntarily.

A peer support session will follow the class, helping members to discuss feelings in a safe and compassionate environment,

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“To have come so far and be able to offer help to other sufferers really is so humbling,” Hannah continued.

“I feel incredibly blessed for all the support that I have been afforded over the years and hopefully for many more to come.”

Hannah launched a website called An Ear to Hear, which she used as a basis to provide support to those awaiting treatment for eating disorders, including offering advice on meal plans.

She has also recently been elected as a Governor for the NHS Trust which provides mental health services across Bedfordshire, where she will continue to use her own experiences of battling anorexia to help others on the road to recovery.

“There remains so much stigma and lack of awareness around mental health in general,” she said.

“I want to use my experience to help people understand more about what is a hugely challenging and complex condition.”

Email or call 07575 393997 for more information on the sessions.

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