New Year joy for Comet country couples

AS the clock struck midnight and a New Year began, two couples had another reason to crack open the champagne as they both celebrated the birth of their first child.

Stevenage couple Grant Hewson and Lara Humber had an extra special New Year’s surprise when they swapped a party for the hospital, as their son arrived 10 days early.

The two 28-year-olds, of Wellington Road, had been at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party when baby Jake - due on January 10 - decided it was time, and by 2.45pm on January 1 they had become parents for the first time.

Jake, who weighed 7lbs 3ozs, becomes the second family member to be born on New Year’s Day, as Grant’s sister also shares the same birthday.

Speaking about the day, dad Grant said: “It took us by surprise as we were round a friend’s house and then it all started.

“It’s really nice as it’s my sister’s birthday on the same day.

“It’s still sinking in but I’m starting to feel like a dad, I look at him and think ‘he’s mine’! It’s brilliant.”

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Another happy couple weren’t just celebrating the arrival of a New Year either as they entered 2011, but also the birth of their first child.

Peter and Pam Farquhar had been expecting a Boxing Day baby but were delighted that Kaylee, weighing in at 8lbs 13ozs, was born on New Year’s Day - with a 10 second countdown to mark the occasion observed between contractions.

Peter, 31, and Pam, 30, from Sollershot Hall, Letchworth GC, went to Lister Hospital at 8pm and 16 hours later - at 2.13pm - Kaylee arrived.

Speaking afterwards, Peter said: “We had a 10 second countdown and then it was back to the contractions!

“We were originally going to call her Eve Linea Farquhar so she’d have the initials ‘ELF’ which we thought was quite clever but because she wasn’t a Christmas baby we decided on Kaylee.

“It’s quite exciting. We’ve got into the whole thing and obviously we’ll be doing the countdown and we can gear that around her birthday.

“Hopefully it’s further enough away from Christmas for naughty relatives not to combine the two!”

On becoming a father for the first time, Peter added: “It’s really exciting, I’m really pleased and it’s been brilliant.

“Mum and baby are doing so well and I’m really proud of them.”

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