New Letchworth Golf Club plans met with opposition

Letchworth Golf Club

Letchworth Golf Club - Credit: Archant

DEVELOPERS have submitted revised plans for a golf club development following safety and disruption concerns from residents – but it’s claimed there are still flaws with the new plans.

Residents living in Aubreys in Letchworth GC and Willian Road and Queenswood Drive in Hitchin, raised concerns about plans submitted to Herts County Council (HCC) by Letchworth Golf Club.

The initial application was for a temporary construction entrance from Willian Road and temporary construction exit from Letchworth Lane at Letchworth Golf Club, in order to accommodate lorries travelling to the site.

The amended changes will affect the exit point. Instead of exiting from Letchworth Lane, avoiding the right turn into Willian Road, it is now proposed Willian Road will be the exit.

A Queenswood Drive resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “This will make no difference to us and my main concern is that this could divert people away from the town because they won’t want to be stuck in traffic.”

And Pam Burn, of the Aubreys residents’ action group, said: “This is clearly a complex issue, made more difficult by the number of bodies who have responsibilities for different aspects of the process and the fact that the concerns of residents vary depending on their location and circumstances.”

Developer Woodland Environmental Ltd is due to conduct a traffic survey to assess speed levels along Willian Road, aiming to establish a temporary speed limit alongside traffic light controls.

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Members of the public will be able to make comments on the revised proposal by June 17.

The application will be discussed by members of HCC’s Development Control Committee on July 23.