Neighbours lose sleep as police monitor illegal rave site between Ashwell and Bygrave

Rubbish left at the site of an Illegal rave in Ashwell

Rubbish left at the site of an Illegal rave in Ashwell - Credit: Archant

A woman has spoken of her frustration after an illegal rave between the villages of Ashwell and Bygrave at the weekend kept her and her family up all night.

Police were made aware of loud music on land between the two villages at 11pm on Saturday night after receiving complaints from neighbours about the noise.

Joan Yates was one of those neighbours, and called police when loud music continued into the morning when she walked her dogs.

She said: “No care or consideration was shown for the local residents of Ashwell or Bygrave.

“When I walked the dogs in the evening, there was considerable debris left at the site – broken glass, cans, nitrous oxide gas canisters – and clothing.”

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a ‘legal high’ and the second most used recreational drug in the UK.

About 80 to 90 people had gathered at the site, with police monitoring the situation through the night and into Sunday morning.

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They say everyone had left the scene by about 2pm.

A police spokesman said no arrests were made.

Councillor Janine Paterson, who represents Ashwell on North Herts District Council, had not heard about the illegal party, but said: “If there are issues like that happening and causing disruption to residents, I would be concerned – not just for residents – but for people who are taking part in the raves.”

An official festival was held a couple of weeks ago a couple of miles away from the rave, but Joan said the organisers ensured minimum disruption was made.

She said: “It was professionally managed with porta loos and everything, this one was different. We had been notified by the organisers of the Farr Festival, and they supplied a hotline number if we had any concerns. Any mess was cleared up.

“Perhaps people who attended that one explored the area for somewhere else to do their own thing.”