Travelling with children can result in a lot of worries, from making sure nobody is left home alone to constantly checking that their favourite cuddly toy hasn't gone missing. 

But as many parents will know, losing teddies on holiday is easier than you think, and it may even ruin your holiday

It seems that it's not that rare of an occurrence as London Luton Airport has found that 52% of parents have lost their child's toy which has derailed their trip. 

But now, it seems that their lost teddies will be a thing of the past amid a handy new scheme that helps the cuddly toys find their way home. 

Luton Airport launches Teddy Tag scheme to save lost toys

The new free Teddy Tags scheme lets parents fill out details, from the teddys name, flight number and contact details so all toys can be reunited if left behind as soon as possible. 

The tags are available to collect for free at security, check-in desks and at customer service points as part of London Luton Airport’s family-friendly offering, which includes an airport-themed children’s area to help keep kids entertained.

There's even a toy reunion website that shares images of unclaimed teddies and toys along with information on how you can find them. 

The Comet:

One parent who knows all too well about how a lost teddy can ruin a holiday is Jo Christie whose little girl lost her Teddy, Kaydog, recently during a family holiday. 

Jo said: "I love the idea of the Teddy Tags and London Luton Airport’s commitment to returning lost toys. It really is a nightmare for parents to lose a cherished family toy at any time of year but especially at Christmas when the pressure is on for everything to be perfect.

"We will definitely be picking up a Teddy Tag for Kaydog next time we travel as she does seem to have a habit of getting lost”. 

Clare Armstrong, Head of Guest Experience at London Luton Airport said: "This year alone, we have collected approximately 200 toys, comforters and teddies that have been left behind by families and whilst we have happily been able to reunite some of these toys with their owners, it is always a difficult process."

She added: "The tag system means that it is now easier to reunite children with their favourite toys, taking the stress out of the process should a teddy get misplaced on the journey.”