Naked kidnap victim from Stevenage escapes car boot and fights off gang in Edinburgh street

Arnold Mukueto, Glen Elamo and Hooman Sojoodi were part of the gang convicted of kidnapping Stevenag

Arnold Mukueto, Glen Elamo and Hooman Sojoodi were part of the gang convicted of kidnapping Stevenage's Emmanuel Chidubem Emmanuel in Edinburgh. Picture: Police Scotland - Credit: Archant

A mechanic from Stevenage fought off four kidnappers to escape after they stripped him naked and bundled him into the boot of their car.

Emmanuel Chidubem Emmanuel, 27, was trussed up and locked in the car in an Edinburgh suburb on February 10, but was able to break out after he used his mechanical knowledge to remove fuses running the BMW’s electronics.

The four-man gang were found guilty of assault and abduction at the High Court in Edinburgh after a trial last week.

Mr Emmanuel had been visiting a girlfriend in the Scottish capital when the gang seized him in broad daylight. They drove him through the city streets until he made his daring escape.

The abductors had punched and kicked him and hit him with a blunt weapon before stripping him, wrapping him in a sheet and stuffing him in the boot, blindfolded and tied up.

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After freeing himself from his bonds, Mr Emmanuel tried to kick his way out, then opened a panel and ripped out the fuses – causing the car to stop.

He then fought his way out and escaped, as shocked passers-by looked on.

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Mr Emmanuel told the court, presided over by Judge Lady Carmichael, that the gang was after money and wanted him to transfer cash into their bank accounts.

He said he had an iPad with him and bank cards, and that about £1,200 was taken from a business account. He denied owing the men any money.

Hooman Sojoodi, 22, Arnold Nuta Mukueto, 23, Sanchez Facey, 23, and Glen Elamo, 20, were each found guilty of abduction and assault causing serious injury.

Sojoodi was detained on the night of the incident, and detectives conducted enquiries to trace the remaining members of the group.

Officers from Edinburgh liaised with colleagues from Warwickshire Police, West Mercia Police and the Metropolitan Police and conducted enquiries that included speaking with many witnesses who came forward to assist the investigation.

These enquiries led to Mukueto, Facey and Elamo being traced, detained and brought to trial.

Det Insp Bruce Coutts of Edinburgh’s Corstorphine CID said: “This was an extremely frightening experience for the victim and we believe that the men were intent on causing him serious harm.

“We are extremely grateful to the public and our colleagues from other forces who came forward to provide vital information which helped ensure this conviction.

“Police Scotland continues its fight against organised crime and will work with the public and partners to bring perpetrators to justice.”

The gang have been remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month.

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