Does your MP support drug testing in Parliament?

More than £2m has been cut from rehab services in Norfolk. Picture: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Does your MP support drugs testing in parliament? - Credit: PA

Westminster has found itself in another furore - after it was revealed that evidence of drug misuse was found in Parliament. 

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has said he will call the Met police following claims that drug abuse is rife in the establishment.

Sir Lindsay - who is also MP for Chorley - is demanding a drugs crackdown, according to The Sunday Times including sniffer dogs in corridors - amid growing evidence of cannabis and cocaine being used openly.

Allegations include a claim that a former MP put his dealer on the parliamentary payroll as a way of paying him for drugs.

And, according to The Sunday Times report, the same former MP is rumoured to have dealt drugs and at least one parliamentary aide has been sacked for cocaine use.

Responding to the report, Sir Lindsay told Sky News: "The accounts of drug misuse in Parliament given to The Sunday Times are deeply concerning, and I will be raising them as a priority with the Metropolitan Police next week. I expect to see full and effective enforcement of the law.

"While parliament provides extensive support services for any staff or members who may need help with drug misuse - and I would encourage anyone struggling with such issues to take up such help - for those who choose to flout the law and bring the institution into disrepute the sanctions are serious."

The Comet has asked MPs whether they would support drugs tests in Parliament. 

Bim Afolami, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, has taken a no nonsense approach to the matter. 

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He told the Comet: “I support taking action in line with police advice on this matter, but in general I strongly believe that taking illegal drugs is not only wrong in Parliament but wrong everywhere. They are dangerous, destroy lives, and enrich nobody other than murderous criminal gangs.”

Sir Oliver Heald, North East Herts MP, said sensible measures to stop drugs misuse are a good idea.

He said: "About 13,000 people have passes to Parliament covering the staff who run facilities and services to officials and other workers. There are also MPs, Lords and their staff.

"I have never seen any evidence of drugs’ misuse at Parliament, but apparently there were vestiges of drugs when some 'wipe' tests were done.

"I think it is a good idea to stop this from happening and will agree with any sensible measures such as the use of sniffer dogs."

The Comet has contacted our other MPs and is awaiting a response - we will update this when we have it.