MP’s call for Camelot to pinpoint �64m lottery winner

AN MP is calling for the winner of an unclaimed �63.8m EuroMillions jackpot to be tracked down through credit card details and by publicising the shop where the winning ticket was sold.

The mystery winner, who bought the June 8 draw ticket somewhere in Stevenage or Hitchin, has still not come forward despite a media campaign by lottery operators Camelot, prompting Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland to call on the company to do more to find them.

“I am concerned because it is usually the poorest people, the elderly and the most deserving cases who don’t step forward to claim their prizes,” he said.

“Camelot could and should be doing much, much more to track down winners. They are too busy focusing on silly gimmicks and hiding behind concerns about anonymity instead of finding the winners.

“The Camelot computer knows exactly what time the winning ticket was purchased, how the ticket was paid for and which shop sold the winning ticket.

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“I would like to see big signs in the winning shop and more tracing of winners through credit and debit cards. If I was the winner, I would be very happy to be contacted and told I had won.”

Camelot said they keep records of where and when tickets are bought and these are used as security measures for claims, but it could not break the conditions of its government granted licence by revealing a winner’s identity without their consent.

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A spokesman said revealing the shop could identify the winner to others as most people tend to use the same one to buy tickets.

“There is a balance to be had with unclaimed prizes. We have the ability to release a broad area of around 100,000 people. This is why we have the Stevenage and Hitchin area to detail where the ticket was sold. It encourages people to talk about it. It’s an extraordinary prize and that’s why we have gone to extraordinary lengths to publicise it.”

He added that releasing CCTV footage from the shop would likewise break the terms of its licence, while the video and credit card details do not belong to the company, and would “not be in our gift to give.”

He added: “You buy a lottery ticket and it’s your responsibility to check it and come back to us.”

Camelot sent the Guinness World Record’s loudest town crier to Stevenage Town Centre Gardens and Hitchin Market Place on Monday to remind people the prize is still unclaimed. He arrived in a �160,000 Lamborghini Spider.

The winner has until December 5 to claim the prize.

More than �81m in lottery prizes went unclaimed in the first half of the year. Prize money unclaimed after 180 days goes to the National Lottery good causes.

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