MP Dorries’ death threats over abortion law change

MP for Mid Bedfordshire, Nadine Dorries, has revealed fearing for her life after receiving death threats over her bid to change abortion laws.

Ms Dorries’ amendment to the law to ensure women requesting a termination are provided with counselling independent of the abortion provider was defeated in the House of Commons yesterday (Wednesday) – 368 votes to 118.

During the parlimentary debate, she told MPs: “Four weeks ago I was not sure whether I would get to the point where I could speak in the chamber today.

“This has been a long and hot-under-the-collar summer.

“Following my announcement of my intention to table the amendment, I have been threatened with being throttled, car-bombed, burned alive and a host of other distasteful and unpleasant ways in which I would meet my end.”

Ms Dorries said the amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill was intended purely to provide independent counselling for women.

“I wonder why we feel it is appropriate that organisations that take �60 million a year of taxpayers’ money and are paid to carry out abortions give advice on the procedure,” she said.

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She also said: “I do not want to look as if I am knocking abortion providers.

“As a nurse, I assisted with many terminations.

“I do not want to look as if I feel that there is no place for abortion provision.

“I am pro-choice and do not want to return to those other days.”

This was the first time parliament has voted on the issue of abortion since MPs voted to maintain the upper limit of 24 weeks for a termination in May 2008.

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