Motorhead driver took guitarist to wrong festival

RHYTHMS of the World festival organisers were a little surprised to see Motorhead’s lead guitarist rock up in a limo to The Priory grounds on Sunday.

Guitarist Phil Campbell was meant to be travelling several miles south of the Hitchin festival to Knebworth’s Sonisphere instead.

But it seems his limo driver got a little confused, and ended up taking the veteran rocker to RotW.

Steve Smither, RotW performance director said: “All of a sudden, we had the guitarist from Motorhead turn up in a limo!

“We found it very amusing. When he got out on the site, he came to the performance reception. We told him he was at the wrong festival, but he did say it looked interesting and that he wouldn’t mind playing there.

“He then went back to his limo and had a bit of a go at the driver, telling him that they’d got the wrong place.”

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