Moro gives the lowdown on the Boro squad

Skipper Steve Morison gives the lowdown on the Boro squad and reveals some of the dressing room banter flying round The Lamex Stadium… Chris Day He has done really well for us this year but he s got to be the tightest man in the world. All the lads go

Skipper Steve Morison gives the lowdown on the Boro squad and reveals some of the dressing room banter flying round The Lamex Stadium...

Chris Day

"He has done really well for us this year but he's got to be the tightest man in the world. All the lads go down to the pub that he owns and we don't even get a free drink!"

Ashley Bayes

"He's the character in the team. He's always the first in and last out with the music always blaring. He has been magnificent this year with his attitude despite not playing much."

Ronnie Henry

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"He's got massive OCD. He's always checking his phone, he's always checking his keys, he's always checking his car's locked. He's like a woman."

Mark Roberts

"We call him Shirley out of Eastenders. He's ginger through and through and he's trying to hide it with the blonde.

"He should be ginger and proud. We're threatening to shave it all off when we go to Las Vegas but he said he's going to sleep with his eyes open."

Mark Albrighton

"We call him Gazza. He's a top man. He has got arthritis and he has to deep heat every joint in his body to make sure he can play a game.

"When he comes on for us and plays then he's always immense. I hate playing against him in training because he doesn't leave you alone."

Jon Ashton

"We call him The Beast. I've never seen someone do the plank for five minutes like he did the other day. He's an absolute machine - running, press ups, you name it then he'll do it better than anyone else.

"He turns like the P&O but he's a beast."

Scott Laird

"The country bumpkin of the group. He drives a tractor and hangs about with all the Stevenage fans on a Saturday night.

"He's a top man and he's done really well for us this year. He has got a massive head and we call him the Churchill dog. He always gets a bit of stick when the advert comes on."

Andy Drury

"We call him red man - he's got the reddest face in the world.

"He's so nervous. We met Frank Bruno the other day at Champney Springs and he said, 'I met one of your lads the other day he's got a really weird stare and really weird eyes' and we said 'oh is that Drury' and he said 'Yeah, that's his name - he's a weird lad'."

Gary Mills

"He's chirpy, miserable and the busiest man you'll ever meet in football. He is constantly texting and ringing people. He wants to know everything that's going on.

"He's a good lad and people buzz off him."

Michael Bostwick

"He's got to be the oldest looking 20-year-old you're ever likely to see. He gives his heart and soul though and he is an incredible athlete. He just needs to start looking 20."

Darren Murphy

"He gets a lot of stick because he's not a very good trainer. We call him Jarhead because of his haircut - he's possibly got the worst haircut I've ever seen.

"The worst thing is that he actually goes and asks for it like that and pays for it.

"He's a top lad though and he's done well when he's come in."

Lawrie Wilson

"He's the posh kid. He's got loads of money and drives his convertible around. He has got a girl's haircut but he's a top lad.

"His energy is fantastic and if there's ever a place in the team then I always want him to have it."

Mitchell Cole

"Britain's hardest man. He wants to fight everyone. He's always telling us that he had a fight on this night and that night.

"He wants to beat this person up and that person up. He is Britain's hardest man and I'm a bit fed up of all his tattoos.

"But seriously he can win us a game at any point and you always want him in your team."

Lee Boylan

"We call him Rocky Dennis. He's an ugly little hobbit. He's got the worst tattoo of some flowers on his arm.

"He's our fox in the box and a good lad to play with. He gets a lot of stick but we love him to pieces."

Calum Willock

"He's a quiet lad but he comes out with some great one-liners. He does a great job when he comes on. He's one of the quieter ones but he's definitely got a lot of banter."

Steve Morison

"I've got to be the most miserable man in football. I don't smile, I'm never happy but every now and then I pop up with the odd goal.

"I've been top goalscorer here over the years and I don't think any of them are going to catch me.

"They're all at least 15 goals behind me which is embarrassing for them.

"I'm the miserable man of the team but I'm part of the banter and everyone loves to hate me.

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