More support for campaign to stop "nightmare" journeys

THE campaign for better local cancer care is marching on but The Comet and Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland still need your support to secure a radiotherapy unit at Lister Hospital.

Without a unit locally cancer sufferers have to travel to Middlesex’s Mount Vernon Hospital for treatment which, coupled with the illness, can be a nightmare.

We receive worrying letters each week from people who have had to endure the journey.

Michael Day, from Shefford, wrote that he: “fully supports” our campaign for a radiotherapy unit at Lister Hospital.

He said: “I travelled to Mount Vernon Hospital for 19 radiotherapy sessions in January and February this year, in very cold weather.

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“The daily journey to and from Mount Vernon was dreadful and as the treatment progressed I felt more tired and less able to cope with the travelling.

“A radiotherapy unit at the Lister would be an enormous benefit to cancer sufferers, like myself, who live in Comet country.

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“I wish you every success.”

An anonymous writer also contacted The Comet who said: “I agree that travel to Mount Vernon is a big nightmare.

“In 1993 I did this journey everyday for four weeks, not good when you feel so ill.”

A new radiotherapy unit could help thousands.

We have received 662 forms so far and this added to the number of facebook fans the campaign has attracted takes the figure to a staggering 1,898 supporters.

But to secure the unit we need more completed forms so keep them rolling in.

As well as signatures, we want to hear from people who have been forced to endure the long arduous trip to Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood, Middlesex, for treatment, and any stories from the loved ones of cancer sufferers concerned by the lack of local provision.

To show your support click on the link at the top right of the page and sign the petition.

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