Missing woman found safe and well in Whitwell

A WOMAN who went missing has been found safe and well.

Rosemary Graham, 52, went missing on Thursday after calling at a friend’s house in Whitwell.

Hertfordshire Police started a full search of the area as soon as Rosemary was reported missing and they were aided by members of the Mid Shire Search and Rescue team, Cambridge Search and Rescue (CAMSAR) as well as numerous members of the public.

Rosemary of The Rye in Eton Bray, Bedfordshire was found in an area just north of Whitwell at lunchtime today and has been taken to hospital for a check-up.

Detective Inspector Sean Quinn said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers from Mid Shire Search and Rescue and CAMSAR as well as the people of Whitwell for their fantastic response in helping the police find Rosemary.

“The village hall in Whitwell was made available for everyone to meet in and be briefed before going out to search the area and it was through everyone’s fine efforts and determination that we have been able to record a textbook response to a missing person search.

“Everyone did a fantastic job and I cannot thank them enough,” he added.